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Access Controller (Main Board): ZD3020M
Multi-Angle View
Extend Function Board: ZD3020E
With power supply
With extra extend function board

Lift (Elevator) /Cabinet Lock Access Controller -MainBoard


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  • One for More Acces Control ( Lift /Cabinet LockControl ) 

  • Input Format of Reader:  Wiegand 26/34bit

  • Qty of users: 20,000

  • Number of supported floors: 20 floors or 20 lockers

  • Communication to PC TCP/IP 10M/100M self adaptive

Lift/Elevator Cabinet Lock Door Access Control: ZD0320M Elevator Control Board are one reader for more door controller units, including ZD0320M Elevator Controller and ZD0320E Expansion Controller Board. ZD0320M can easily achieve one reader for more door control with higher security level. As for elevator control,users are only authorized  to pass specific floor. By using RFID card, or password to pass door and floor, which can prevent unauthorized access.ZD0320E Expansion Controller Board must work with ZD0320M Controller Board, at most with 2pcs Expansion Controller Board, control 40 door. One reader for more door controller unit not only apply to elevator in hotel, office building, apartment but also for many door area like electric storage locker and delivery locker.

Example 1: Lift Access Control Management
We usually have ten or more floors in one lift, but you just need one card reader. The system can distinguish the user's privilege, then take them to the right floor.
If the user has multi-floor privilege, when swiping the card, he can choose the floor he want to go this time, and he can not push other floor buttons.
If the users are the security and administrator, they can go to any floor they want according to the privilege settings. 

Example 2: Cabinet Access Control
It can combine with the Adroitor software to manage this. 
When you swiping card, the appoint cabinet will open.
The administrator can use PC to open all doors at one time to do some check and manage work.
The cleaner can open all the door to do cleaning work after office-time.

- One for more door security control unit, only need one reader, at most control 40 floor or cabinet locker door.
- Support multiple Verification Mode to pass specific floor or open cabinet locker door that is authorized.
- ARM processors from the United States, input/output protection, components from well-known IC manufacturers.
- Standard TCP/IP communication, multi-level lightning protection and surge protection
- User Capacity: 20000, Data Record: 100000(Power OFF without loss)
- Wiegand Reader Port:1ea (26/34bit Wiegand)or other Biometric equipment.
- Powerful Software:When access controller series work with software, it can achieve more complex security function. Such as, access data search, employee shift, attendance statistics. Access Control and video device linkage,On-line access control,Real-time Remote monitoring
- Perfect access control management
- Apply Software: KeylessSafesmart Software Easy Mode/Expert Mode.

1>  Lift Access Control Application:

Lift (Elevator) /Cabinet Lock Access Controller -MainBoard(图1)

2>.  Cabinet Access Control Application:

Lift (Elevator) /Cabinet Lock Access Controller -MainBoard(图2)

Input Format of ReaderWiegand 26/34bit (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola, HID,EM ,Mifare one etc)
Q ' ty of users20,000
Q ' ty of Event Buffers(offline)100,000
Power Supply12V DC 5A
Communication to PCTCP/IP 10M/100M self adaptive
Number of supported floors20 lockers, if need to control more, add 1more ZD3020E
Net weight0.30Kg

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box